How is a Spray Foam Roof Maintained?

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3 Effective Steps to Clean and Maintain Your SPF Roof

Spray polyurethane roofs (SPF) are a true miracle of the 21st century. Without having to demolish your old roof and using its foundation to install your new roof, SPF is definitely one of the fastest yet long-lasting ways to replace a commercial roof. While it is durable, it isn’t indestructible. SPF roofs get dirty and rubble filled, which makes it important that it gets adequate cleaning and upkeep whenever possible.

If you’re not working with an SPF maintenance service provider, here are three options to successfully clean your roof, enhance its aesthetics, and maintain its longevity.

Pressurized Water Cleaning

Your on-site maintenance crew should have access to a 3000 PSI pressurized water spray pressure washer. This is identical type of pressurized water device that car wash services use to clear the car’s exterior of any grime, debris, and residue. Actually, it is quite an investment to own one, but if you intend to self-maintain your roof over the years, pressurized water makes it easy to get rid of any sort of obstinate debris, mildew, and other unwelcome materials on your roof. Furthermore, keep in mind that pressurized water higher than 3000 PSI can trigger damage to your foam roof, so be careful!

Check For Hard-Stuck Debris

Now that you’re armed with the correct instrument, you can have your in-house crew approach the various locations of your commercial roof. Make sure they examine the following areas of your commercial property. Most often, we’ve found that most debris on SPF roofs are lodged not just on the material but can come from drains, gutters, HVAC units, piping and sewage units on the roof, HVAC units, and anything that is on your roof. Your cleaning efforts will have been in vain if you didn’t check these areas promptly.

Use Detergents For Oil Cleaning

Water combined with detergent (such as what you would use to clean clothes) function successfully with pressurized water in providing exceptional oil and grease spills removal. In addition, you’ll need to use a dedicated washing cloth to wash off the spills from your SPF roof. Don’t use any high-acidity caustic chemicals to eliminate oils and grease on your SPF roof because it will cause damage that will require your SPF roof to endure costly refoaming repair.

SPF roof maintenance services such as those offered by Norris Spray Foam, enable you to pay a modest sum on a regular basis to examine your spray polyurethane foam roof for any type of cleaning necessary and small-patch damage repairs to maintain the lifespan and capability of your SPF roof.